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  1. Yunihime Jun 05, 2012

    Love Mikan and Natsume!

  2. mangamaniac014 Mar 16, 2011

    Gakuen Alice is awesome! Go Mikan and Natsume! I love Gakuen Alice!

  3. toofya Dec 20, 2010

    natsume love the mikan and mikan love natsume and iam love natsume and mikan

    n+m=love for ever

  4. venuscapriccio Jun 26, 2010

    I'm really fall in loveee at the first sight when I read Gakuen Alice

    Go Mikan Go! Go Natsume Go! I love you two forever!

  5. Yuuki1996 Apr 08, 2009

    Hi, I want to joing this group because I really like Gakuen Alice and it is AWESOME!

  6. mitsumelove Apr 04, 2009

    hi im new here^^


  7. kroryoyashiallen Mar 08, 2008

    i love to be in this group

    aprrove me

    merged: 03-08-2008 ~ 11:55am
    i love to be in this group

    aprrove me

  8. Ravenstar90 Jan 13, 2008

    Hi! I just joined just like all the other people here...but I`m newer =)
    ....btw does anyone know if there is going to be a second season of Gauken Alice? or Alice Academy since that`s what everyone is calling yeah...

  9. cryln Oct 19, 2007

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  10. Tannis Aug 01, 2007

    NATSUME X MIKAN 4ever!

  11. JCzala Jul 21, 2007

    I've just joined. I love Gakuen Alice. I fell in love with the characters and the cute romance and love triangle. How I wish there was a 2nd season. I'm currently reading the manga.

    merged: 07-22-2007 ~ 02:40pm
    My Newest Wall: Colors of Alice

    Here's my latest wall and my first ever Gakuen Alice wall. Please view and comment.
    :D :D

  12. Tuala Jul 19, 2007

    Hiii!^-^ It's the first time I try to join to a fan club of Minitokyo...what I have to do for joining? I'm really in loveee with Gakuen Aliceeee (manga its better than the anime, but well...I love anything of this!) Please someone tell me what I have to dooo ^-^ Thank you very muuchh <3

  13. dreamhunter Jun 27, 2007

    I want 2nd series!

  14. PrincessCathloren Jun 08, 2007

    Hi! I'm a fan of Gakuen Alice but, not an obssessed fan... also, if there are any Kaleido Star fans joining in this group, please also join KaleidoStar-4-ever group here in MT... ^_^

  15. mikanluvnatsume May 04, 2007

    helo,im also new lovely, i want to know more infos about alice academy,that's why i want to join this club...i hope u have available DVD's now and more pictures of alice academy

  16. natsumeluvmikan Apr 18, 2007

    hi..! i'm new here and just registered a while ago.. i'm from the philippines and i'm watching alice academy (gakuen alice) in abs-cbn in the morning..they dubbed the anime series in filipino and it's sooo cute.. today is april 18 here and they started airing alice academy last april 9..i love the alice academy that's why i joined your club.. but i really don't find something interesting here.. i just registered so i don't know how to make this club WORK!.. can you help me?! i need clips..more infos about the characters....i hope whoever made this club can help me... i'm sally and please reply..! hi to everyone in this club.. and if you can help me too..please do!

    merged: 04-18-2007 ~ 04:38pm
    hi! i'm sally and i just joined here! in the philippines gakuen alice is renamed as alice academy.. i really love it even though it just started few days ago.. i joined this club because i want to get updates about alice academy and i really need your help! i want to explore this club but i dont see anything! please make this club more interesting!

    can you tell me in what country are you in.. why do they call it gakuen alice?! are you from japan or something?! i really need to know more infos about this club and its club members..! thanks.. :)

  17. Eziara Mar 30, 2007

    today is the haunted house episode,i love that 1,it's the most hilarious,needless to say,natsume is such a pervert:D

    merged: 03-31-2007 ~ 12:29am

  18. may520 Mar 29, 2007


  19. Eziara Mar 11, 2007

    alice academy is back on animax,i'am watching it for the 2nd time,'cause it's hilarious

  20. 95Elizabeth Jan 28, 2007

    No use... This group is dead but i think someone from one of my threads is gonna make a group on this.... Not sure....

  21. Zaza4 Jan 26, 2007

    Hello! I'm New here and just joined here!
    Please add me as member.^^
    I like Gakuen Alice too.

  22. 95Elizabeth Jan 05, 2007

    sorry I'm leaving too..... this group is dead....... It would be better is the Admins and Mod cared a little more about this group.......

  23. okokuni Dec 20, 2006

    i just watch alice academy in animax asia!Wow they were so cool and i also fell in love in this anime!Alice RoCKs!

  24. CuteSherry Nov 10, 2006

    Heya...I am the eternal "aspirant member" of this group T___T
    soo...seing how dead it is, I will be leaving, it does not have anything to do with my affection fro GA : I bought few days ago vol1-->5 and downloaded the raws scans of vol 6-10 this morning, and I love NatsumeXMikan XD XD My only critic is that there's not enough romance for a shoujo manga...
    That said, byebye!

    PS : msg to the admin and mod : there would be more members if this group wasn't in the "games" category group, right...? *and also if you cared a little about this group too...*

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